ULTRASALT®ultrasonic nebulizers ensure a high-quality salt aerosol, and thus provide effect salt therapy!

Choosing a nebulizer

For effective salt therapy, choosing the right nebulizer is crucial. Nebulizers (from Latin nebula “fog”) generate an aerosol spray consisting of microparticles of solution that are inhaled.

Today two basic types of nebulizers are widely used: ultrasonic nebulizers and compressor nebulizers.   Learn more →



…The luxury class of nebulizers!

The ULTRASALT® PRO ultrasonic nebulizers are ideal for salt therapy. These devices are certified as medical equipment, and thus they can be used even in clinics, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices for prevention and treatment of respiratory tract diseases. In the spa field too ULTRASALT® PRO nebulizers have a wide range of applications, including saunas, infrared saunas, Turkish steam baths, and salt rooms.

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… good things come in small packages!

ULTRASALTy ceiling ultrasonic nebulizers are devices that, at first glance, seem simple, but they have a number of remarkable properties which put them on par with more complex devices of this type. In medicine these devices are called nebulizers (from Latin nebula “fog”).      Learn more →